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GRAND MASTER SIKES, started his martial arts training at age 9yrs,when his uncle introduced him to Judo and Boxing. Later, his training continued in the military when he joined the Screaming Eagles - 101st Airborne Infantry, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and 3rd Army Engineers. He received Special Forces training in Combat Judo. In the late 1950's Grand Master Sikes began to study the various styles of Okinawan Karate with American instructors, and holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Karate from his teacher Great Grand Master Willem A. Reeders. Under the guidance of Master Durant and Grand Master Reeders, Grand Master Sikes studied Goshen Martial Arts. Simultaneously, Grand Master Sikes studied with Master Willie Wetzel - Indonesian footwork and held the title GURU - (translated means teacher).

In the late 1960's Grand Master Sikes was a champion fighter and referee in the PK Circuit. In 1972 , he put aside these activities to begin his "TEMPLE" training in the mountains, in Meditation for Spiritual Enlightenment. He was given his rank and title by his teacher Great Grand Master Willem A. Reeders, who in the early 1960's - 1980's was Liu Seong, head of the World Kung Fu Federation through Huc Choi Hau of China (translated means Peoples Republic of China or Chinese People). This rank was certified and witnessed by:

Willem A. Reeders - Indonesia - China - USA
Vice President Tam Kim Sjong - Hong Kong
Chairman Paul Tjan - Toronto Canada
Advisor Sam Wong - Toronto Canada
Grand Master Wong resides in the USA and became Liu Seong of Huc Choi Hau Federation.

Great Grand Master Willem Reeders as Liu Seong (at his Transition in 1990) was once said to have been "the deadliest man in the world". He held a 10th Degree in Kodakan Judo, only two other people in the world ever equaled this rank (during his lifetime). He also had mastered the deadly art of Kun Tao, the particular form of combat which is reserved for royalty, and only revealed within the family from Father to Eldest son or next immediate male descendant. Great Grand Master Reeders has descendant sons studying the arts in America and Asia, and a nephew (Master Teacher) teaching an Indonesian style of the arts in California, where his sons were studying the arts.

Great Grand Master Reeders was also the subject of study for the television series "Kung Fu," the program which originally aired during the 1970's and continues to be broadcast in syndication. The Reeders family, to this day, remains a very well known family throughout all China and especially in the martial art world.

Great Grand Master Reeders, awarded only one person, Grand Master Art Sikes, the rank of MASTER 4TH DEGREE in Chinese Kung Fu through the Liu Seong Kung Fu Federation. This is the highest rank awarded in the USA and has been witnessed by those stated above. These credentials can be verified through the World Kung Fu Federation located in New York State. Great Grand Master Reeders was a teacher to many American students, including the DeTorres brothers in New York State. Every man who claims authentic credentials from Great Grand Master Willem A. Reeders can be verified by the World Kung Fu Federation.

Temple trained in eastern philosophy, psychology, religion and spiritual growth, Grand Master Sikes holds the unique distinction of being the only "Non-Oriental" to be recognized in America as holding the rank of 4th Degree Red Sash (Master). This is acknowledged by the Chung Hwah Kung Fu Hui of China, the International Kung Fu Federation of nearly 4,000 traditional Kung Fu practitioners in North America, Canada and the Far East. Grand Master Sikes is also recognized worldwide by Meditative, Martial Art and Medical Communities in regions as diverse as Indonesia, China, Japan and Africa. He is a member of several Martial Art Halls of Fame.

In the early 1980's the Great Grand Master Reeders retired from the World Kung Fu Federation, as did Grand Master Sikes. In addition to regularly teaching martial arts, they both individually formed Non-Profit Corporations to serve the public. After the passing of Great Grand Master Reeders in 1990, Grand Master Sikes claimed the title of "Grand Master" of his own style which he created here in America.

Grand Master Art Sikes subscribes to and teaches a rigorous system of meditation and physiological exercises for the development, self-preservation and channeling of the "Life Force" energy, in order to promote Spiritual Enlightenment or (Knowledge of Self). His students speak of him in terms of the Tao or "natural way" of doing things. In America, natural ways are referred to as "alternative health". Elsewhere in the world, American health practices including pharmacology and surgery are considered "alternative" to nature.

The ancient mystical philosophy (the philosophy of MAAT) is the highest teaching of the Yoga Wisdom. The concept of the Absolute reality is embodied in the NETER (NTR) of Egypt, the NTU of the Yoruba; the AMMA of the Dogon, the BRAHMAN in Hinduism, the TAO of Taoism, the Darmakaya of Buddhism, the Kingdom of Heaven of Christianity, the KETHER of Kabbalah, the Great Spirit and QUETZALCOATLE of Native Americans, and ALLAH of the Muslims.

In the early 1980's Grand Master Sikes opened the North American Self Defense Association College of Arts and Sciences for Higher Education (a Post Secondary College in the State of Nevada). He also created the Nevada National Research and Development for Natural Health and Nutrition. In the mid 1980's Grand Master Sikes formed Youth of America Research and Development, designed to develop specific programs for youth to enhance and enrich their quality of life.

The African-Asian sciences and Royal Arts that Grand Master Sikes expounds throughout the world, encompasses not only the technical, physical and spiritual aspects of these sciences, but also the historical and developmental aspects of these arts and sciences as well.

Neither Great Grand Master Reeders, nor his student Grand Master Sikes were ever challenged by anyone. If this had occurred the challenger would have had to defeat the UNDEFEATED #1 STUDENT-GRAND MASTER ART SIKES.

Grand Master Sikes has dedicated his life to enriching the lives of others, by unselfishly teaching a true and original art. He has been studying and teaching for well over 40 years.

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